Cabaret ©2001

Production: Black Point music
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Black Point music
Total time: 59:59
Recorded in Mar 2001 in BEVOX studio

  1. Intro
  2. Tresenitsa (Makedonie)
  3. Katerino mome (Bulgaria-Pirin)
  4. O mais ko aprilis (Greece)
  5. Cabaret (Gipsy)
  6. Pînă cînd nu te iubeam (Romania)
  7. Veligdensko oro (Macedonia)
  8. Mitro le Mitro (Bulgaria)   No Flash
  9. Scoală (Romania)
  10. Sirdes (Gipsy)
  11. Şimera maura mu matia (Greece)
  12. Geampara (Romania)   No Flash
  13. Ketri, Ketri (Hungary-Gipsy)
  14. Shkoj e vi flutrim si zogu (Albania)
  15. Járbă, máré járbă (Hungary)
  16. U Stambolu na Bosforu (Bosnia)


Gothart embraced by the Balkan music

… And now we are in the present time of Gothart, on their new, fourth album. Don't get confused with the title Cabaret. The only cabaret style are the short speeches between songs, as for instance: „Look, have we ever played this music to someone who really understands it?" Shortly, Gothart tries to cover them against being their music taken too serious. On the other hand, they complete the booklet with all lyrics in its original languages with English and Czech translations. I think that Cabaret isn't Balkan trash metal (as much as Gothart maybe wants it to be like), but nor it is a folklore substitute, which Gothart has heart in boots of. Above all, it's a mixture out of Jewish, gypsy, Balkan Slovenian, but also other musical kitchen. Czech language, rather choosy of latest all kind Celtic and Moravian Slovakian pickles, almost doesn't know the taste of irregular and idle rhythms and that is why it is so pleasantly excitable for us. …

Jiří Černý (16.10.2001), original article

Gothart - Cabaret

… Formerly, this ensemble was famous for its perfect arrangement and interpretation of Gothic music, but since the release of their album Adio Querida, the musicians have mainly focused on the folk music of the Balkans. …

Igor Nováček, Audio 7/2001, original article


… Everyone who read the review on our pages of the album Adio Querida (1999) by Gothart, an original group of Czech musicians, and it made him listen to it, is highly likely to have appreciated the originality and beauty of this music. …

Boris Čegiň, 29. júna 2001, original article

Gothart: the Czech-Balkan Cabaret Performers

… What's most agreeable about the band is their light-heartedness. Although it is easier to appreciate the energetic Balkan songs than Czech Gothic music, it is still nice of Gothart that they do not use their CD's sleeve notes to overwhelm us with information on their enigmatic musical instruments (chalumeau, darbuka, pandeireta…) and do not show off their expert knowledge. …

Ad. Javůrek, original article

Gothart - Cabaret

… Gothart's preceding album Adio Querida suggested a lot, yet the direction which the band has taken on the new record leaves its listeners amazed. …

Evaluation: ******** (out of 10 possible), (Rock & Pop / June 2001)


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