Gothart - Švandovo divadlo 11. 11. 2003

… If their current album, named characteristically Rakija´n´roll, were released by any other music ensemble, I'd immediately (and perhaps unfairly) accuse them of riding the wave of popularity of the Balkan style as a whole . But in Gothart’s case, the new repertoire is only a logical result of previous years' experience and the favor they presently find with the audience is undoubtedly well-earned. …

Kryštof Havlice, original article

Brave Gothart are hard to surprise

… And that was no surprise – their professional instrumental skills and ear-catching repertoire as well as the humor and wit of the whole performance were just irresistible. Gothart bravely and skillfully coped with this somewhat "different" audience, they adapted to the atmosphere, avoiding the star-like behavior of the “we’ve- come-to-you-all-the- way-from-Prague-so-respond- or-we-don't-give-a- damn” type. And I am sure that many others would have acted in precisely that way. Put plainly, Gothart lays great store by their audience’s interest, even in less than comfortable situations …

Radek Antl (20. 10. 2003), original article

GOTHART, Alterna, Brno, 22. 11. 2001

… But rumors about the stage presentation of the recorded material were saying something quite different. That's why I couldn't miss the first chance to make my own judgment. That night, Alterna was packed to the roof, which had both positives and disadvantages. After a couple of tunes and some witty wise cracks, the musicians managed to establish a warm rapport with the audience, which started to respond excitedly to the live impulses coming out of the loudspeakers. …

Stehla (26. 11. 2001), original article

DOBRO DOŠLI GOTHART! (Welcome, Gothart)

… It needs to be said that Gothart are excellent musicians and there is nothing to criticize in their musical skills. Mostly Bulgarian and Macedonian and some Sefardi standards were played without a single mistake. The audience danced and, captivated by the somewhat charismatic frontman, they even did some sort of pagan-like round dances – it was a spring celebration, after all. And this was no wonder as the music played was quite taking and probably just the absolutely deaf stayed off the floor. …

Filip Hrubý (3. 5. 2000), original article

Gothart's Spice from Balkans

… Gothart recorded and released two CDs with the music of medieval Spain. Although the albums have remained largely unknown to the Czech public, they are precisely where the band shows its rarely seen maturity: While many other Czech bands conceal a lack of their own expression behind a kind of empty stylization, Gothart's performance is characterized by entire openness, its singing and music being full of vigor and vitality, broad-mindedness and contact with today's reality. …

Petr Dorůžka (Rock & Pop / May 2000) original article (345 kB)


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